RUS Training Newsletter - 03/2018

Published on: 09 Mar 2018

13 March | RUS Webinar

Seats are still available for our forthcoming webinar on Land monitoring with Sentinel-3, where we will show you:

  • how to access the RUS Service and how to download, process, analyse and visualise the free data acquired by the Sentinel-3 Ocean and Land Colour Instrument (OLCI) instrument
  • the methodology for monitoring land surface dynamics using ESA SNAP Sentinel-3 Toolbox

The live webinar will take place on Tuesday 13 March at 14.30 CET.
Apply now!

More on RUS Webinars

  • For all our past webinars you can watch the video recording or practice the exercise within the RUS Virtual Environment – you can find all relevant information on each webinar web page.

  • Our next monthly webinar will take place on Tuesday 3 April 2018 at 14:30 CEST and is organised as part of the 2nd International Electronic Conference on Remote Sensing, a free-of-charge, online-only event.
    Details on the topic and registration process will be published on the event’s website and on our RUS Training platform.

10 April | EGU2018 | Vienna, Austria

A Short Course on Introduction to RUS environment: Sentinel-1 InSAR for Subsidence monitoring will take place on 10 April from 13.30 to 17:00 as part of the European Geoscience Union General Assembly 2018 (Vienna, 8-13 April 2018).

The focus of the training will be a demonstration of the exploitation of Sentinel-1 (SAR) interferometric data for Land Subsidence monitoring using the ESA SNAP Toolbox.

More info here.

23-27 July | IGARSS 2018 | Valencia, Spain

A RUS Training Course on SAR and optical data fusion with hands-on session using the ESA Toolbox SNAP will be delivered at IGARSS 2018 – International Geoscience and Remote Sensing Symposium (Valencia, 23-27 July 2018).

After a theoretical lecture where the Sentinel missions will be introduced, with a focus on image fusion techniques, a hands-on session with data processing exercises about Sentinel-1 and Sentinel-2 data fusion methods and applications will follow.

More information will be published when available.

RUS E-Learning courses available

The first 4 short courses on SAR theory are available on our RUS E-Learning platform to registered users – simply click on the Sign Up button and follow the instructions.

The courses are in French with English subtitles and include online quizzes to test your knowledge at the end of each chapter.

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