RUS Training Newsletter no. 2

Published on: 17 Nov 2017

Upcoming Webinar

Further to a poll on Twitter, our users have chosen the topic for our next 1-hour webinar taking place on 5 December 2017 at 3:00 PM CET:

  • Burned area mapping in Portugal with Sentinel-2 data (using ESA SNAP S-2 Toolbox)


  • how to access the RUS service
  • how to process a Sentinel-2 image to identify and map wildfire events

 Register here


Replay the past Webinars… 

Our past webinars have been video recorded and the links published on our RUS Training platform, for you to be able to replay the sessions.


… and repeat the exercises in the past Webinars

If you wish to practice the exercises explained in our webinars using the RUS Virtual Environment:

  • Register on the RUS Portal
  • After Login, go to Your RUS service > Your dashboard and click on the Request a new User Service button
  • When requested, insert the Training Code mentioned during the webinar
  • You will then be contacted by the RUS Helpdesk, who will provide you with access to a Virtual Machine and all relevant information
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