Radar Altimetry Tutorial: Concrete Marine and Inland Water Applications using Sentinels data

Published on: 03 Sep 2018

During the 25 Years of Progress in Radar Altimetry Symposium, the RUS consortium will provide a 1-day training course for 20 participants.

The objective is to illustrate the capabilities of Open software tools developed within the ESA SEOM Programme on a concrete marine application and an inland water (hydrology) application.

To start this training day session, a lecture will be given by experts. This includes a theoretical part aiming to provide an overall background on radar altimetry and SAR imagery. This will then be followed by hands-on sessions with data processing exercises based on Sentinel-1 radar images and Sentinel-3 radar altimetry data. The hands-on sessions will be based on Open tools developed within the ESA SEOM Programme (with focus on the ESA SNAP Toolbox, the STEP platform and the, BRAT Toolbox in the RUS environment.

The first hands-on session will be about radar altimetry applications dedicated to ocean monitoring with Sentinel-3 data (analysis of sea level and currents) with different types of data (Level-2 and Level-3 data).

The second hands-on session illustrates how Sentinel-1, 2 and Sentinel-3 data can be used in synergy to accurately measure inland water levels. In the first part the attendees will learn how to use the SNAP toolbox to obtain a high-resolution water mask (KML format) from a Sentinel-1 image. In the second part a water mask will be used, within the BRAT software, together with colocated and “codated” Sentinel-3 Level 2 data. It will serve to geo-select the Sentinel-3 records that fall over the water body of interest. Simple BRAT "Formulas" will then make it possible to measure the mean level of this water body. 

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