RUS Training Newsletter - 05/2018

Published on: 19 Sep 2018

20 September | RUS Webinar: Active fire detection with Sentinel-3 

A few seats are still available!

In this webinar, you will learn the basics of image processing for active fire detection: we will show you how to access the RUS Service and how to download, process, analyze and visualize the free data acquired by the Copernicus satellites. We will use the ESA SNAP Sentinel-3 Toolbox to demonstrate the methodology to detect active fires with the SLSTR instrument onboard Sentinel-3.

More info & registration here.

23 September | Radar Altimetry Tutorial: Concrete Marine and Inland Water Applications using Sentinels data 

During the 25 Years of Progress in Radar Altimetry Symposium, the RUS consortium will provide a 1-day training course for 20 participants.

The objective is to illustrate the capabilities of Open software tools developed within the ESA SEOM Programme on a concrete marine application and an inland water (hydrology) application.

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26 September | Sentinel data use for urban mapping and monitoring 

This two day hands-on training course is organized by RUS Copernicus as a part of EARseL 5th Joint Workshop “Urban RemoteSensing – Challenges & Solutions” taking place in Bochum, Germany (September 24-26, 2018).

The main goal of this training session is to create theoretical and practical competences on the use of Sentinel data for urban mapping and monitoring. We will be looking at topics such as urban extent, urban sprawl based on multi-temporal and multi-sensor analysis and urban land subsidence using SAR Interferometry (InSAR).

More info on our training here.

Copernicus Research and User Support (RUS) celebrates its first anniversary

The Copernicus RUS service will celebrate its first year of operations in October and has already benefited more than 600 users worldwide. Offered at no cost, the service is available for a large community of users coming from academic and public institutions, small and medium enterprises, start-ups, and NGOs. They can use the service to develop and strengthen their skills on a variety of datasets, tools and applications, autonomously or with the support of the helpdesk and its team of experts. Communication tools with RUS experts include email, a chat service, a discussion forum as well as face-to-face training sessions and regular webinars – in short, everything needed to successfully support user activities.

Read the full article here.

RUS E-learning 

New additions to our RUS e-learning courses!!! 

All the courses are available in French with English subtitles. 

All you have to do is:

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