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IV ESA EARSEL CNR School: Remote Sensing for Forest Fires

On the occasion of the 12th EARSeL Forest Fires SIG Workshop (3-5 October 2019, Rome, Italy)  a training will be held with the contribution of RUS on the application of active and passive remote sensing techniques for fire research. It will focus on the use of active and passive Earth Observation (EO) Technologies for fire monitoring.

The purpose of this course is to disseminate and discuss research methods and technologies of active and passive Earth Observation for applications related to forest fires.

The course will focus on the use of optical and radar sensors for active fire mapping, burned area mapping, soil organic matter, soil moisture, fire emissions and time series analysis. For the practical part, RUS Copernicus Virtual Machines will be used. 


Earth Observation has long been considered as a key tool for fire data, science, modelling, management, and monitoring.

The most recent developments in computer technology, data processing, artificial intelligence (AI), deep learning approaches, and geospatial data mining techniques, enable advanced dynamic modelling, tools, data integration, and assimilation schemes, and are expected to significantly support and improve fire science and operational applications.

Recently, the availability of new sensors from satellite, aerial, drone, and ground, along with the free access to large archives of data, has opened new perspectives for both fire science and applications.


A detailed programme for each day of the course is available here.

The programme is still preliminary, it will be fine-tuned during the coming weeks.

Audience & Selection

The training is intended for early career researchers, students, phD students and young professionals from European institutions and Canada with background in Remote Sensing and working in topics related to wildfire.

Applicants from other countries are welcome to apply subject to availability of spaces. 

Notification of acceptance will be sent by 5 September


Attendance to the training course is free of charge, however participants are expected to cover their own travel and accommodation costs.


Training Room 9007 (Building 9), ESA ESRIN

Training date

Monday 30th of September 2019 - Tuesday 1st of October 2019


ESA Centre for Earth Observation
Largo Galileo Galilei, 1, 00044 Frascati RM, Italy

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